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it is very pretty, I like it and will be refer this product to my friend, if when person order the succulent with label that would be better.

Cotyledon Pendens (Large)
Mabel Tolentino

As a plant it’s ok for me. As for your delivery it’s excellent. I got all the plants nice and healthy

Adromischus triflorus 'Calico Hearts'

Everything was perfect with the order. No complaints.

Perfect succulent

Packaged so well and shipped promptly. Ordered 3 and each one is perfect!

Nice quality plant..packed well..arrived in good condition

Arrived healthy and fully rooted, growing beautifully!

Echeveria 'Red Hole'
Fides Lemire

Echeveria 'Red Hole'

Echeveria ‘Suyon’

Best place to buy succulents

I have collected succulents for a long time and bought from many places. This shop is so far one of the best. Healthy plants, fast shipping and good price.

x Sedeveria Letizia
Chenzhong Huang

x Sedeveria Letizia

Echeveria Elegans Alba
Beverly Durant

This is one of the most beautiful echeverias I've seen and believe me, I have more than 500 so I've seen some beauties! Consistently great site!! Thank you!!

Echeveria Purpusorum
Danielle Sullivan

Much bigger than I thought it would be. Arrive beautiful and healthy.


I love it, great service and beautiful healthy plants 💚

Echeveria Psyche
Crystal Dial
Absolutely Gorgeous

This is my all time favorite seller, and I import plants from all over the world. Their plants are priced great and shipped with care. Highly recommend.

Estoy muy contenta

Estoy muy contenta con mi compra rápido y segura y llegaron muy bien y bien empacadas y grandes mucho más grande de lo q pensaba

Echeveria Purpusorum
Shelley Morris
Echeveria purposorum

Was a great addition to my collection and very interesting looking. However I had given a first review on Lovely rose previously and at that time it looked very good. However, since then I detected mealy bug and each day I am losing a couple leaves and it is looking puny. I keep these 6 plants inside on windowsill, new pots and soil so I can’t imagine where this came from. Can someone help?

12 Pack of Rosette Succulents(6 Varieties)

Beautiful succulents

Beautiful and healthy succulents arrived earlier than expected at bargain prices.
May I request to tag your plants for identification purposes, this would help novice gardeners to keep track of thir plant collection. Thank you so much.

Lemon lime

This plant is doing so well! Not on leave has fallen since I got it. I’m so glad I purchased it

Cotyledon Orbiculata cv. Cuttings

Echeveria Jocelyn's Joy
Celia Domínguez

Echeveria Jocelyn's Joy

Echeveria Love Letter
staci schwartz
Healthy plants!

I have made several purchases so far, never disappointed! These were no exception. Lovely 💗

Excellent. I love it